Note to Self: Ixnay the Crocs in Snow!


When I get up in the morning, I start the coffee brewing and then go out to get the paper.  I am a lover of the early morning hours.  In my opinion (and I have always felt this way, even when I worked), early morning is the best part of the day.  I love the feeling of the beginning of something new — the blessing of a clean slate. 

So, I love eating my cereal, drinking my coffee and reading the paper about 5 am.  (I read the evening paper too, but not quite the treat that this first burst of  news and entertainment is.)

Once I’ve started the coffee, and while my brain is still “ramping up” for the day, I have to make one of my first very elementary decisions — what to wear on my feet to fetch the paper at the end of the drive (about 20 feet).  

I keep various footwear on the floor of the closet next to the door to the garage.  Among them, Crocs and ankle-high rubber boots.

In the Summer, I sometimes go barefoot — easy, quick.  But, if I put anything on to make the trek during warm weather, especially if it is raining, it is Crocs — easy to slip on, impervious to water. 

In the winter, I usually use the ankle high, zip up boots.  In the DEAD OF WINTER, this is a “no brainer” — I automatically go for them. 

But, it isn’t “dead of winter” yet.  We have only had one morning so far that there has been any accumulation at all.  And THAT is the day that I made my wrong choice of “footwear for news retrieval.”

For whatever reason (a mental pause?), I slipped on my Crocs, along with the old coat I wrap around me, and went to get the paper.  (I’m a “vision” and once in a while, a neighbor will be leaving early, and I will have to acknowledge them with a wave, even though I would prefer that they think that the person they see in our drive is some poor homeless person we are letting live in our garage, and wear our scruffy old coats.)

Anyway, half-way down the drive, I realized — poor choice.  My thought had been that the snow  wasn’t deep enough to get into the Crocs, and they were “sure footed” — important if it is at all slippery.  But, walking in the Crocs apparently caused the slight amount of snow on the drive to flip up into the little “port holes” along the sides of the shoes.  And, while in summer I don’t mind in the least if a little “wet” gets inside the Crocs with me, when the temperature is below freezing, as it was THAT morning, that makes for some reallllly cold tootsies QUICKLY!

So, a word to the wise.  Crocs are great footwear (I have several pair) — but not the best for retrieving the newspaper at 5 am on a cold, winter morning!

May any wrong decisions you make today be of as little consequence as this one — but may we always learn from our mistakes — even the little ones.

So, Happy Monday!  And, learn from MY mistake — Ixnay the Crocs in Snow!

8 Responses to Note to Self: Ixnay the Crocs in Snow!

  1. Pam says:

    Hmmm, crocs. When in doubt, Ixnay the Crocs in general. On a beautiful October day, I lost balance while wearing crocs (okay so I stepped backwards off one small step). I suspect the crocs weren’t a lot of support. Result: One badly sprained ankle and one broken

  2. mcewen says:

    Your morning routine sounds heavenly. I keep flip flops by the door for my little visits outside [hope I don’t get sunburnt toes]

  3. Sandra says:

    Pam — I didn’t realize the connection between your accident and Crocs — I’ll be careful!!

    Maddy — You must live wayyyyy south of Indiana, if you’re wearing flip flops and worrying about sunburnt toes this time of year!

  4. They are also supposedly dangerous on escalators, so I guess it is Croc wearer beware!

  5. But I you were wide awake by the time you got back inside! I think there is some ancient wisdom in starting out the day just on the edge of frostbite.

  6. Sandra says:

    New Diva — I’ve heard about the escalator danger too — but not a problem for me. I’m not stylish enough to be comfortable wearing them to an actual department store, where they would have escalators. They’re more my “around the house and on the lake shoes.” But thanks for the warning.

    SBW — Yes, it got my attention. For just a short time, I felt “as one” with ancient Eskimos, and how it must have felt when they had a similar problem!

  7. Chrissy says:

    ohh so cold, glad I don’t have any crocks!! I have made that poor decision in the past with flip flops though! Now I just chose hubbies shoes or boots, they do slip on well! I am also one of those that enjoys the early am and has to wave at early morning neighbors! I love it the most when my hair is in a beehive on the back of my head!!!

  8. Sandra says:

    The beehive on the back of the head presents a funny picture I can relate to, Chrissy! Thanks for sharing.

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