Another Day at Blog Fodder Central (the Gym)


When Hubby and I went to the gym this morning, there was an unusually large number of people there.  I think many of them may have been motivated (like us) by invisioning all the calories they are probably going to consume tomorrow, and may have decided to put some exercise “in the bank” ahead of time to balance out some of those anticipated calories.

At the gym, the machines (weight machines, tread mills, elliptical trainers, etc.) are in the middle of the gym, and the track runs around the outside.  So, while you are on the machines, it’s very easy to watch the people walking around the track, and since I am an ardent people watcher, I enjoy doing just that.  Some of what is interesting is the difference in attitudes.  Some people look HAPPY to be there.  They speak to anyone who makes eye contact, and are always ready for a little bit of conversation, and there is sometimes even a little perkiness in their step.  Then, there are some, who I can only guess are there because their doctor threatened them, because they do not look like they are happy to be there.  It sometimes looks like these folks are having to drag themselves around the track.  I feel sorry for them, because exercise is never easy, but it is sooo much easier if you can muster up (or even fake) a positive attitude.

Because I am a social animal, I have little conversations with different people regularly, but, hey, to me that just makes the time go faster — and it’s interesting!

So, when I was adjusting the handles on the Nu-Step (like a stationary bike, but your legs are out in front of you) this morning, I remarked to the woman on the Nu-Step next to me that, “Thank God for the saying ‘Lefty Loosy, Righty Tighty’ or I would NEVER be able to remember which way I was supposed to loosen a screw.”  That led to her and I having a discussion about all the sayings that our mothers taught us that still help us to remember important things like, “Thirty days hath September . . .” for how many days are in each month, and, “i before e, except after c” for spelling, and the alphabet song, to remember the order of the letters in the alphabet.  Thank God, Mama’s everywhere took the time to teach us those little tricks!

Somehow her and I then got on the topic of handwritten notes — a favorite subject of mine, and how they are not done nearly as often now, probably because it is so easy to communicate on the computer.  She told me that her husband is a professional calligrapher — and that sometimes he uses his calligraphy when he writes someone a note.  That’s pretty impressive.  If I rec… (i before e, except after c) … receive any handwritten note, it is a really big deal — I can’t imagine what a treat it must be to receive one done in calligraphy!  Nice lady — nice chat.  My 20 minutes on that machine just flew.

When I was doing the weight machines, I saw a man who we have known for a long time.  We hadn’t seen he and his wife for years, but see them frequently now that we belong to the same gym.  They live in the same rural area of the county we lived in for many years, go to a neighboring Lutheran church out that way, and their daughter played sports for THEIR Lutheran grade school, against DD when she played for OUR Lutheran grade school.  (We got to know ALOT of people during the years DD played sports [from grade school through college] because we spent many hours in gyms watching games and developing what we were sure was “terminal bleacher butt,” and getting to know other parents.)  Anyway, he said, “Did you celebrate a birthday in your family yesterday?”  He caught me off guard for a second — then I realized he was talking about DD’s birthday, which WAS yesterday, and then I remembered why HE would remember that.  His wife and I were in rooms next to each other when I had DD — and their daughter was born on the same day.   An interesting link that will always be there between our two families.

Well, by this time, we had completed our workout, and it had gone realllly fast for me!  And, of course, that’s because I had been able to do some “people watching” followed by some “chatting,” topped off with some “reminiscing” — with some exercise and sweat mixed in.  

And then came the topper.  As we were walking out, I SAW THE WOMAN WHO WORE THE “ANGEL” SWEATS AND SHE SMILED AT ME AND SAID HI!    She has never been friendly before.  Hmmmm.  Makes me wonder.  Do you suppose she KNOWS WHAT I SAID ON MY BLOG ABOUT HER “G” DISAPPEARING INTO AN EXERCISE-INDUCED WEDGIE!!  And, she thinks it’s funny too!!!???

Naaahh, too much to hope for.  But, if she keeps being friendly, I may just have to walk up to her sometime and hand her a piece of paper with my blog address on it and just whisper to her, “You may want to read this, before you wear those ANGEL sweats again.”

What a fun place to go — and it’s good for us too!  (By the way, I’m pretty sure it’s not nearrrrly as much fun for Hubby, because he concentrates on — WORKING OUT!  What is HE thinking”)

If you haven’t already, may you find ways to make YOUR exercise fun.

5 Responses to Another Day at Blog Fodder Central (the Gym)

  1. Linda says:

    Speaking of tools for remembering things, some recognition has to go to Jiminy Cricket, of Walt Disney fame, for teaching us all how to spell “encyclopedia.” To this day, I can’t spell that word without singing it.

  2. Chrissy says:

    What about M-I-double s-I-double S- i-pp-i!! I love working out and the watching people is an added bonus!

  3. I enjoyed this post. Really got a feel of the atmophere for you at the gym, and how other people there work out in a different atmosphere, but everyone is in the same place.

    Wonder who will show up on the day after Thanksgiving?

    Don’t ever blog about me when I work out. I look like a mess.

  4. p.s. Hey, thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

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