“Things” For Which I’m Thankful


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Yesterday I talked about getting rid of “things,” but there are SOME “things” that I feel especially make my (our) life easier, and I’m glad to count them among our “valuables:”

1.  A few years ago, a friend told me about a Hot Shot, which looks a little like a very small coffee maker, without the carafe.  Since then, I have given many of them as gifts, and would never be without one myself.  They are only about $20, are made by Sunbeam, and are for the sole purpose of boiling 2 cups of water in less than a minute.  Wonderful for making instant cereal, hot tea and cocoa.  In the time we have had this nifty little device, I can only remember one time that I had to get out the big electric teapot because I needed more than 2 cups of boiling water.  But in most cases, 2 cups is enough for whatever we want to do.  An absolutely GREAT invention.

2.  When we moved into this house four years ago, we did lots of remodeling, and one of the changes we made was to replace the toilet paper holders with the new kind that you just slip the roll of paper on and off, without having to dis-assemble the whole thing.  This is especially nice because now Hubby doesn’t even mind putting a new roll on.  And, it’s simple enough even grandchildren can do it.  Hooray!

3.  For the twenty years we lived in the farm house, we had a detached garage.  It was only about 15 feet from the house, but when you are carrying groceries in from the car, and it’s raining like a son-of-a-gun, or it’s 20 below and blowing snow, with no sign of a let-up, that is a looong way to go!  In the four years we have lived here, I have never gotten over the thankfulness I feel when I drive home in bad weather and can pull into the garage, shut the garage door before I even get out of the car, and then carry whatever I have into the house at my leisure.  Wonderful!

3.  The TV in our bedroom that has built-in video and DVD players.  We had a small TV in the kitchen at the farm house that had video built-in, so I specifically lobbied for this one when we moved here, and it works out so well for me.  I have never been very good at the technology of using a VCR (who am I kidding — at ANY technology).  Anyway, the TV’s that have this stuff built in are so simple to use that even I can do it!  I love it, when I am getting sleepy, but don’t want to miss the end of something and can just press a button (I keep a tape in the VCR all the time) to record the rest, then turn off the TV and go to bed.  Knowing that tomorrow I can sit down anytime and find out “who done it.”

4.  City water and sewers!  On the farm, many a tense moment (always, it seemed, at the most inopportune times, like Christmas Eve!) occurred when the plumbing would stop working and we would have to call the wonderful guys at Golden Rule Septic Service to come “fix” it.  They were a black father/son team who were wonderful to deal with, and never told us they couldn’t come, even when it was on a holiday — they really did live up to the name of their company.  And, regarding well water — wellll, that’s about all I can say for it — it’s water.  It had a mineral taste to it, so we helped keep the local bottled water dealer in business by buying all of our drinking water from him.  I will always be thankful to be able to turn on a faucet, and drink the water out of it.  Also, no mineral residue in the fixtures.  Awesome.

5.  Computers.  They have changed our lives in sooo many ways — most of them good.  Again, the technology is beyond me, but as long as ours is humming along, it is a marvel that I am continually amazed by, and enjoy.  It definitely has expanded our world.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for all the blessings in our lives — and keep us ever mindful that they are all gifts from you.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen

3 Responses to “Things” For Which I’m Thankful

  1. Oh, that toilet roll holder is brilliant. I have two cats that unroll all the TP when they think I have forgotten to feed them, so it probably wouldn’t work for me as they could actually carry the roll away and TP my entire apartment. But the design is brilliant.

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I like your stories too! Keep on writing!

  2. Chrissy says:

    The toilet paper holder sounds wonderful, for some reason I think I am the only one in our house that knows how to change the tp!!!

  3. One of my valuables is my electric tea kettle.
    I too appreciate the computer. However, some times my husband yells: Step away from the keyboard!

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