Let’s Promise Ourselves We WON’T Be Invited on Oprah for THIS Reason!


As DD would say, “Yikes!”  I don’t usually watch Oprah. but on Thursday I happened to turn it on, and my interest was immediately captured by the pictures they were showing of a house that was absolutely FULL of STUFF. 

The picture above that I found on the internet to illustrate this story, doesn’t even BEGIN to be as messy as that house was.  It was a great before and after story — and I love watching those, whether they’re  make-overs of houses or people.  After the house on the show had been all cleared out, it looked wonderful, and the homeowners were naturally thrilled (and promised to not let it get that way again.).  A great before and after show, with a little “lesson learned” story thrown in.

But, it did get me to thinking about possessions and what a problem the managing of possessions can be.  On the show, they had an expert organizer named Peter Walsh, who has written a book called, “It’s All Too Much.”  I plan to get it and read it, because even though I keep a pretty clean house now (so much easier now than when I was raising a family and life was sooo hectic), almost all of us can do a better job of getting rid of “things.”  I think of myself now as a “closet messy” — i.e., I am still a messy, but I have enough drawers and closets to put away most of the messiness. 

At the risk of being a little morbid, when a parent dies, and you have to go through their possessions and decide what to do with everything you realize how much many of us, especially as we get older, stick away in drawers and closets (or, in some cases, stacks somewhere) new things that have never been used (forgotten, or saved for “some day”) or things that will never be used again because they are worn out, or have been replaced with a newer version.  These possessions just take up space and complicate our lives. 

So, when Gunny and DD go through my “things” after I’m gone (no, kids, I’m NOT sick — just looking wayyy into the future :)), I’d like to minimize the number of items about which they say, “Why on EARTH would she still have THAT!”

I see a New Year’s Resolution in the making here. 

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for all the ways you have blessed us, including with possessions.  Please help us to know what we “need” and what we don’t, and then give us the wisdom to pass our unnecessary possessions on to someone who DOES need them.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen  

3 Responses to Let’s Promise Ourselves We WON’T Be Invited on Oprah for THIS Reason!

  1. Nelle says:


  2. Chrissy says:

    A friend was telling me about this Oprah show, wow! I know this woman probably said to herself “how did I get here?”. I know I need to be better about cleaning out and getting rid of!

  3. Waffelrezept says:

    Thanks for the infos! Your post really helped me.

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