Our Granddaughters — the Princesses

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did.  Daughter DD posted them on her blog  (chasedbychildren.typepad.com) yesterday, and I laughed out loud when I saw them.  Can a close relative sue you for plagarizing?  Here’s her post:

Christmas Card Follies

Have I ever mentioned that my kids are high energy?  Uh huh.  I blame myself…after all, I chose to reproduce with their father, what did I expect?

As you know, I just got a new camera so I thought I would try and take our christmas card picture this year.

I need to be sedated.

Dsc_0065 So far the above image is the front runner.  Doesn’t it just scream “Peace on Earth”?

How about this one:

Dsc_0073_2 Or this one:


Please note that my almost 10-year-old is smiling and looking at the camera in every one.  She is oblivious to the chaos around her.

I then thought maybe the other two should be separated.  I thought maybe I could do something artsy with three individual shots.


Princess CoCo is a Keeper.  I may have mentioned that she is the most responsible person in the whole house.  Thank God for that kid.

Dsc_0068 Princess LuLu is reluctant to show her teeth these days.  It makes her smile a little odd.  She doesn’t want people to see that her two front teeth are still growing in and she is extremely self-concious about it.  Weird.


Princess MiMi is not self-conscious about anything..  She is just fed up with the picture taking.  Yikes.  I certainly have my hands full with this kid.

One Response to Our Granddaughters — the Princesses

  1. Auntie April the great says:

    They look so “natural.”

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