A Slumber Party, How Fun!! Zzzzzzzz


I had a Slumber Party here this weekend, that’s why there wasn’t any post yesterday.  Toooo, busy having fun with the “attendees” — the “princesses” from Chicago — Coco, Lulu and Mimi.

They came on Friday night, in time for Papa to take Coco and Lulu to a family birthday party.  “In time” isn’t exactly the right wording –it was 8 p.m. when we arrived home from picking them up, but Coco and Lulu were still up to making a “fashionably late” appearance at the party — especially one that included cake and ice cream (or, as it turned out, ICE CREAM Cake — even better!!). 

Because all of our grandchildren live hours away, they don’t get to too many of the extended family events like the birthday party, so we always enjoy getting to “show them off” (because, of course, they are the cutest kids in the world) to relatives who don’t get to see them often.  Anyway, Mimi and I were just toooo tired to go, so we stayed home. 

But when the other girls got back, we went into our “slumber party” mode.  First, we moved Hubby/Papa to an upstairs bedroom so that we could take over the master.  (Poor Him — he has to sleep upstairs, ALL BY HIMSELF, with just a TV and a nice comfy bed in a nice, quiet room, all to himself — Poooor Him!)

Then, we took lots of nice thick blankets out of the cedar chest (Always a favorite — the huge “feels like fur” blanket with a picture of wild, running horses all in bright oranges, blues and browns, that Gunny sent us from Thailand many years ago.  Not many “decors” that go with that puppy, but it is incredibly soft — and BIG! Did I mention Gunny is color blind?  And, he says the store he bought it in was very dark.)

Then we made a pallet on the floor at the foot of the bed, with a perfect view of the TV cabinet in the corner.  That way, they have an option (don’t kids love OPTIONS?) of sleeping in the bed with Nanna or sleeping on the pallet.  They all started out on the pallet, but Lulu ends up moving to the bed sometime during the night.  She’s a cuddler — so when it’s just her and you in a king-size bed — it’s still a little crowded, even though she’s a wirey little thing.  Whereever you are — that’s the spot that she seems to be trying to crowd into too.  A little like wearing a little, lovable nightshirt!

Anyway, after everyone is settled down on the pallet, they watch some kids channels for a while and then, to top off the evening, we watch some ALF!!  Remember ALF — a little furry guy from outer space who crashes here and lives with a family?  A TV show from the 80’s that I have always loved.  Because of that, I have been “gifted” with two seasons of ALF on DVD’s.   ALF episodes are what they go to sleep by, and they still laugh out loud at them sometimes, even though the older girls have seen all of the episodes many times, because we play them every time we have a “slumber party.”  I usually fall asleep earlier than they do, so I wake up in the wee hours of the morning and turn off the TV.  A great slumber party — they watch fun stuff and I do too, except when I doze off for just a little while — zzzzzz. 

On Saturday after breakfast, Papa took Coco and Lulu to one of their favorite places here — the children’s hands-on science center.  They came home all excited because Coco had ridden the bike that goes around the top of the building (I tried it once — toooo high for me!!).  She rode it TWICE — the little dare-devil (there IS a net, in case something goes wrong.).  Lulu was excited because she got to pet a snake and feed it — something dead (I won’t gross you out with the details — as she did ME!)  Anyway, they had a great time.

While they were gone, Mimi and I had some shopping we had to do, and had some interesting conversation.  Now, some of the conversation, which I’m sure was verrrry interesting, was one-sided, because Mimi hasn’t figured out the “volume control” on her voice yet.  Ironically, there are times when she may be a tiny bit LOUD, but when she’s talking to the “hearing-impaired” (that would be Papa and Nana), she tends to get “shy” on us, and speak very softly.

Anyway, her and I did have an interesting conversation about Akela.  We talked about what a nice dog Akela was and that she had died (Mommy and Daddy had already prepared them for that fact).  But, then she mentioned very casually that Bibbles was going to die in two months!  Big surprise here — Bibbles is their family dog — and is less than a year old, and seemed to be in perfectly good health the last time we were there.  Also, it was a little surprising that Miss Not-Yet-Four knew exactly the predicted time of Bibble’s demise!   But she, even at her tender age, has a way of telling you something that makes it sound like she really knows what she’s talking about. (Do you know her Mom?  It runs in the family.)  So, I didn’t question her any further.  But, when the girls got home, I asked them about Bibbles health.  They said Bibbles was just fine.  So, unless Miss Mimi had a private conversation with the Vet, in which this sobering diagnosis was imparted to just HER, we are assuming that her little mind told her that if Akela died, all dogs must die (so far, accurate), and (this is the part that required some imagination on her part — something she has an abundance of) if Bibbles was going to die, two months sounded about right!  Bibbles is fine, we think, unless Mommy and Daddy get a call from the Vet, asking if they got the message he left with Mimi!

In the afternoon, I had some apples that needed to be used up, so the girls watched as I peeled the apples to make apple crisp and they ate the peelings, just like I remember doing when Mama peeled apples.  Then, while it baked, Papa went outside with them to play on the deck and in the back yard (when you live on water, you have to be a little more careful about children outside unattended).  When the crisp was done, they came in and we had a mid-afternoon snack of warm apple crisp with ice cream!  Boy, did we enjoy that, and I had made it with Splenda instead of sugar, and used sugar-free ice cream.  A little better for my diet, but still tasted great!  (Recipe at end, in case you’re interest.) 

Saturday night we went to their OTHER favorite spot when they come to visit — the Cinema Grille.  In case you haven’t been to a theater/restaurant, it is a great way to see a movie and have dinner too.  We go there regularly with Linda and her hubby.  But, it is especially great for kids.  They have alot more “wiggle room” because they are sitting in swivel chairs at either a counter or tables, and between the movie and the food, their attention hardly ever wanders.  And, as adults who go there regularly, we have never been distracted by children who may be around us.  I recommend it highly if there’s one in your area.  Anyway, we saw The Game Plan, starting Dwayne Johnson (the Rock).  It is a really cute, CLEAN movie that I recommend. 

So, after the movie another fun night of slumber party.  

On Sunday, after Church and breakfast at Cracker Barrel (during both church and breakfast, they were just great — we were very proud of them), we took them home. 

A great weekend of memories for all of us.  But Papa definitely looked a little better rested than the rest of us by the end of the weekend!

Thank you God for grandchildren — they are the “frosting on the cake”  or, more appropriately this time, the “ice cream on the crisp!” 

Great “Diet” Apple Crisp

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees 

Fill an 8″x8″ pan 3/4 full with peeled, sliced apples (will take most of a bag of apples).

Sprinkle with *1/3 C. Granulated Splenda (make sure “granulated” — big yellow bag)

Combine in medium bowl to make crumble top:  1 C. flour — *1 C. Granulated Splenda — 1 t. baking powder — 3/4 t. salt — 1 egg.  Sprinkle these crumbles on top of apples.

 *Note that Splenda is used in two different places.

Melt 3/4 STICK butter, and pour evenly over top.

Sprinkle with cinnamon.

Bake at 375 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

Serve warm with Edy’s sugar-free vanilla ice cream.  Wonderful!

5 Responses to A Slumber Party, How Fun!! Zzzzzzzz

  1. Dixiechick says:

    Great post…ahh, children. They grow up so fast. I really wished my children could expirience more time with my mom..she lives in SC so seeing her is a once a year thing. Although Max gets to go to his paternal grandparents every other weekend…Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend…thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fabulous weekend!

  3. Chrissy says:

    Sounds so awesome! I am sure mommy enjoyed her weekend away from kids and you and papa sound like you really enjoyed them. I must say for me, it makes me bubble over when others talk about enjoying my children, I am so glad you enjoyed your grandchildren!! Sounds like a busy weekend hope you caught up on rest!!

    Oh, and ALF, I so remember, always funny.

  4. Bibble is fine. The girls have recovered from the weekend at Nana and Papa’s house. So much fun for them and I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it too (despite the dead baby rats LuLu fed the snake).

    It’s always such an event when they go to your house…real life is an adjustment.

  5. The Game Plan is very cute! I took the kids to see it last week in honor of my birthday. All three of us loved it!

    Glad you had fun with the girls, all of us here had a blast a DD’s wonderful Halloween party!

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