The French Would Say, Le Soup. I say, Lo Soup!


I am a soup FAN!!  And, there is ALOT to like about soup.  

For example:  It is “thin calories” — the theory goes that because the calories in it are suspended in liquid, it takes fewer calories to fill you up.  Also, if you eat it with a small spoon, it takes longer to eat — giving your “I’m getting full” signal from your brain time to kick in.  If a broth-based soup is available in a restaurant, it is usually a lower calorie alternative to a salad before your entree. 

And, there is no such thing as “leftovers” when the meal you make at home is soup — because it’s just like “new” every time it’s heated up until it’s gone (it also freezes well).  In fact, I think soup gets even better each time it’s reheated because the flavors continue to blend.

Have you tried the new Progresso vegetable soups that are ZERO Weightwatcher points for a “serving?” (Count one point if you eat the whole can — still “cheap” diet-wise.)  The Italian is verrry good.  But, I have to say, I still like “home-made” soup the best.

Any soup I make includes at least a soup can-size chicken broth.  It may surprise you to know that I mean chili and beef vegetable soup too.  In fact, in the case of the stew I suggested a few weeks ago out of left-over roast — sometimes I even add chicken broth to it.  When chicken broth is added to beef-flavored soups/stews like these, you really don’t taste anything that tastes like chicken.  It just makes the flavors that are there a little more rich.

The other two ingredients that I add to most soups — a couple “glubs” of olive oil and a few shakes of Frank’s hot sauce.  Again — not flavors that you can necessarily pick out — but they just add to the overall flavor.  Note:  If you’ve done everything you can think of to a soup (including salt and pepper), and it still tastes a little “flat,”  try adding a teaspoon of sugar or a packet of Splenda.  Especially true with tomato-based soups/stews — also, spaghetti sauce!

When you bring home leftovers from a restaurant, what do you REALLY do with them?  In a perfect world, you would eat them for lunch the next day and feel good about having made two meals from one, but in reality, do they set in your frig until they “grow a beard” and then you throw them out?  If so, next time, think about making them into soup! 

I order chicken 99% of the time when we eat out — usually with veggies and a pasta or rice.  And, many times I bring half of it home.  Perfect for my “Lo (leftover) Soup.”   The next day, I can just put a cup or two of chicken broth in a sauce pan on medium heat (everything is already cooked — I am really just reheating), then I chop up the chicken in bite-size pieces and dump it and the leftover veggies and pasta/rice into the broth, making sure I include any sauce that was on the meal that may remain in the take-home container.  You can add V-8 too, but many times the chicken has a tomato sauce on it that makes the V-8 unnecessary.  Add the aforementioned olive oil and hot sauce, and then taste.  Add spices if needed.  But, I have found that restaurant chicken dishes are usually really nicely spiced, so many times I don’t need to add anything other than maybe some salt and fresh ground pepper.  When it’s hot — I eat it!  Much nicer way to eat my leftovers than trying to “re-create” the original meal by re-heating it in the microwave.  It never tastes quite the same.  Another nice thing about this is, depending on the quantity of the leftovers, it sometimes makes enough soup for both Hubby and me. 

 I would think that Lo Soup would be good with other meats too (beef, pork, even shrimp, but I’m not sure fish would work) — I just haven’t tried it with anything but chicken, because that’s what my leftovers are!

Have you had your Lo Soup today?  Try it — you MIGHT like it as much as I do!!

Thank you Father for the abundance of food we have in this country.  Please help us to be good stewards of it and everything else  you have given us!

4 Responses to The French Would Say, Le Soup. I say, Lo Soup!

  1. Chrissy says:

    Oh yes LO soup works well with anything, even fish, although some fish does fall apart it is still an awesome flavor!! Shrimp with V-8 over rice with veggies and cut up a small amount of jalepeno and through in avocado at the end (if you like avocado) awesome, yummy flavor!! Great post on recipes and making one meal last a couple days new!!!

  2. Soup is one of my favorite things in the world! Now that the days are cooler I find myself craving it all the time! Great idea for leftovers.

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