When I Say “Diet,” Hubby Hears “Die”


Hubby and I have had to work on our weight, with varying degrees of success, over the years.  When the time comes, He KNOWS we need to do it.  He KNOWS we’ll feel better when we take off some weight. He KNOWS in order to lose the weight, we have to cut back on portions, and try to eat healthy.  But, just because he KNOWS all that, doesn’t mean he has to LIKE IT.

Hubby is not a happy dieter, but he is a SUCCESSFUL dieter!  I find that very annoying.  Because I AM a relatively happy dieter, and it is still much  harder for me to lose the weight than Hubby.  I always tell people that all I have to do is decide to go on a diet, and Hubby immediately loses 10 lbs.! 

 I’ve been told that women have more trouble losing weight than men because a woman’s body is designed to hold on to fat that would be necessary to nourish a baby.  My answer to THAT is, “It’s okay, Body, we can let go of the fat now — we’re not going to have any more babies!”  Apparently, my metabolism is hard of hearing, just like my ears, because all of me continues to want to hold on to the fat.

When we started our “Year of Getting Healthy” in January, and joined the gym, I really thought that would be enough to make us lose weight.  But, no surprise, Hubby lost 30 lbs. in the first 3 months and I lost 8!  Big whoop.  All that exercise, DID make me feel better, but I couldn’t believe I wasn’t losing any more weight than that.

So, in May, I brought in the big guns — I joined Weightwatchers.  I have belonged to WW probably a half dozen times in my life, with varying degrees of success.  That organization definitely believes in redesigning their process regularly.  There were a couple times I joined that I found their program so complicated, it just didn’t seem do-able for me.  But, the program they have now is very straight forward, and I have been successful on it.  I have lost 27 lbs. and am feeling much better — but need to lose at least 20 more to reach the WW goal range.  I’m not sure I can do that, but I have decided that WW meetings are going to be to me like AA meetings are to alcoholics — a support group to help me be strong against my “addiction.”  Besides, I realllly like the group at my meetings, so it gives me an added incentive to go when I know I’m going to see people I enjoy — including our leader.

Of course, Hubby is not interested in attending WW meetings, partly because he is sure he would be the only guy there (men are definitely a very small percentage), but, also, why go to meetings when, obviously, he can lose without them!  I think he feels that somehow it’s not “manly” to be “officially” dieting. 

If this whole post has the feel of annoyance on my part — you’re reading me correctly.  This “unfairness” in the realm of weight loss, him vs. me, is a little bit of a sore point with me. 

Some examples of his weight loss “strategies.”

While we were both supposedly dieting, we went out into the garage to get in the car one day, and I happened to notice a large malt cup in the top of the trash can.  I asked him about it and he said he had been passing the ice cream shop and just picked that up instead of lunch.  I said, “That really isn’t a good way to diet — skipping the protein, etc. you would normally have for lunch, and replacing it with the empty calories of a malt!”   We then laughed about it, and as a final dig, I said, “Well, have you learned your lesson?”  He said, “Yessss, I have.  I will put the cup UNDER something in the trash can next time!”

One evening I told Hubby I was going to have some light microwave popcorn and I was going to try spraying I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter on it because I had heard that that was really good.  I tried it but didn’t think it helped that much.  After I went to bed, Hubby made himself some popcorn.  The next morning, he told me that he had tried the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and that he thought it was reallllly good!  I expressed my surprise that he had liked it because I had found it just okay.  Then, I found out a possible reason why.  He said, “Did you spray it on until it dripped?”

When I was growing up, my favorite “treat” was the chocolate Hostess cupcakes with cream filling.  Now Hostess makes a “diet” version of those.  It is a tube of three very little cupcakes, for 100 calories.  So, I bought some, and I have to say that one of those 3-packs and a cup of coffee is a very satisfying, chocolate-wise AND diet-wise, dessert for only 100 calories.  But, the supply was going down pretty fast, so I asked Hubby if he was eating them too.  He said that he was and that he really liked them.  Then he told me he was eating three tubes at a time!  (I think he does some of this stuff just to torment me!) 

And, with all this, he STILL loses weight!

God may have given me CHILDREN to make me humble, but he gave me HUBBY to teach me patience!

Thank you God for giving me Hubby — and giving both of us a sense of humor!

7 Responses to When I Say “Diet,” Hubby Hears “Die”

  1. Dixiechick says:

    It is so unfair that men tend to lose weight so easily. I have been struggling with a 20 lb weight gain over the last few years, I just can’t seem to lose it. I have always been on the thin side, but once I hit 35…I started gaining, just can’t get it off. I thought about weight watchers…but I think I am going to try NutriSystem….I don’t think I could find the time to go to the meetings.
    Congratulations on your weight loss thus far! Be proud of what you have accomplished.
    It is not easy…dieting is hard work…it takes dedication, focus and commitment.
    I have tried the Hostess one hundred calorie packs, I have to agree the chocolate cupcake ones are very satisfying…just don’t buy the carrot cake ones..they are terrible.

  2. In what universe is it right or just that men lose weight with such ease?! I am an adult, but it is stuff like this that might possible provoke an all out tantrum. Not that it would do any good, but it might be fun and I might burn a few calories in the process.

  3. Chrissy says:

    I could enjoy a diet too if I could make up my own rules and still lose weight like your hubby!!! Too funny, he has a good twist on things, for himself, not so much for the rest of us!! Congratulations on the weight loss keep up the great work.

  4. […] Sandra wrote a fantastic post today on “When I Say âDiet,â Hubby Hears âDieâ”Here’s ONLY a quick extractIf this whole post has the feel of annoyance on my part — you’re reading me correctly. This “unfairness” in the realm of weight loss, him vs. me, is a little bit of a sore point with me. Some examples of his weight loss “strategies.” … […]

  5. Beth says:

    Ha! I’ve been blessed with a metabolism that is (so far) fast–especially since I’ve been breastfeeding for three years straight! One of my struggles is eating healthy so that I can be healthy–knowing if I eat a lot of junk I might gain a little, but not much. Not that I’m complaining about a fast metabolism! But I do think most of us struggle with eating a truly balanced diet, whether or not we struggle with weight.

  6. karen says:

    My hubby is a good example of that old saying ‘You can’t fatten a thoroughbred’. He eats like a horse and stays slim. Very, vewry annoying !!!

    I only have to look at a cupcake and I gain 10lbs.

    Ok, that’s a bit over the top, but I’m sure you know what I mean…

    GRRRRRRRR !!!!

  7. Sandra says:

    Beth — I find the “keeping it off” harder than the “taking it off” — very irritating!

    Karen — I just told Hubby your hubby’s saying. He laughed, but said he felt HIS favorite saying regarding his weight was more fitting for him, “You can’t maintain a body like this by just eating when you’re hungry!” 🙂

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