The Road BEST Traveled!


Years ago, I heard this little “fable” and I’ve always remembered it, and tried to apply it to my life. 

The story goes:

A wise, old man spent much of his day, sitting by the city gate making conversation with those who passed by.

One day, a traveler approached and said, “Hey, old man, I am just arriving here to live.  What kind of people will I find here?”

The old man answered with a question.  “What kind of people were in the town you have just left?”

The traveler proceeded to rant and rave about how awful his former neighbors were and recounted all the slights that he felt he had suffered at their hands.

When he was done, the old man answered his question, “I’m sorry to tell you that that is the sort of people you will find here too.”

The traveler walked away grumbling about his sorry lot in life.

Later in the day a second traveler arrived at the gate, and also approached the wise, old man.  He also asked about the type of town this was, and the old man answered him with the same question he had asked the first traveler.

“What sort of people lived in the town you are coming from?”

The second traveler answered, “That was a wonderful town.  It was filled with people who went out of their way to help each other, and treated each other with kindness and love.”

The very, very wise old man then answered, “Then that is the kind of people you will find here.” 

 May God help each of us to look for the best in those around us — because what we look for is what we will find. 

5 Responses to The Road BEST Traveled!

  1. Chrissy says:

    What you give is what you get!! Has more to do with the way we see things and what our focus is on!! Great Post!!

  2. Beth says:

    Great story! It reminds me of something my old pastor used to say. “I hope you’re not looking for a perfect church. Because even if this one was perfect, it isn’t anymore, now that you and I are here!”

  3. karen says:

    What a wonderful fable and great words to live by…

    Hope you’re having a wonderful time !!

  4. Shanda says:

    Ok, I broke the rules and read this one on the 8th…but I loved it! so true!

    I loved your idea to leave posts for people to read each day! Wish I had thought of that! I hope you are having a wonderful vacation!

  5. Sandra says:

    Beth — What a great saying! Funny how our human nature makes us expect perfection in everyone but ourselves!

    Karen — I think so too. And, thank you, friend for your wishes — we DID have a wonderful time.

    Shanda — Thank you for visiting! This is one of the neat things about blogging , isn’t it? — we can use each other’s ideas! Feel free to do this too! 🙂

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