Halloween Should Be Fun! (Part 2)


Yesterday’s post about Halloween really got my juices flowing on Halloween costumes.  So, I thought I’d share some other ideas I think are cute:

To go with the bag of groceries described yesterday, husband could wear a white apron and carry a bag of groceries (regular size) and go as the carry-out boy! (a dying breed, by the way)

Wife wears a cardboard box painted to look like a brick.  Husband wears work clothes and carries a trowel, as a bricklayer.

“Rich Witch.”  Wear a Witch’s hat, dress all in black, including feather boa, dripping in “jewels” (gaudier the better) and with cirgarette in looooong cigarette holder. 

I love this kind of costume.  These next two are great “ice breakers”  — get everyone talking:

“Which way is up?”  Wear witch’s hat, carry a bathroom scale and an arrow pointing up, with a question mark pinned to your clothes.  Don’t talk and have people guess what figure of speech you are.

A “Legal Document.”  Wear doctor’s scrubs, with a “U” and  the wrapper from a peppermint patty pinned to your clothes and carry a book clearly labeled in big letters, “law book.”  Don’t talk, and have people guess what you are.

“Misconception” — Woman either pregnant or made to look pregnant, dressed in long formal dress, wearing a tiara and a beauty-contest-like banner that says, “Miss Conception.”

I love clever costumes, and I’m sure there are websites out there that have a zillion of them.  These are just some of the ones that I remember.

Hope you have fun either using one of these ideas, or, even better, coming up with something clever of your own!

Hope your Halloween is fun and happy!

5 Responses to Halloween Should Be Fun! (Part 2)

  1. DIXIECHICK says:

    What wonderful ideas…very creative thinking.

  2. I love clever costumes too, and, in fact, have won prizes the last two years at DD’s fabulous party!

    Hope I can keep my streak going this year, I’m pretty excited about my idea!

  3. Beth says:

    We were at Disney last week and saw several cute costumes. One of my favorites was the husband dressed as a fisherman and the wife was (you guessed it) a fish. When I was a kid I was a camera – in a cardboard box spraypainted silver with a smaller box for the flash cube. I guess I just dated myself.

    Makes me want to get creative with my boys. We have been doing store bought, but several years ago my youngest was a pile of leaves. I bought red sweats and some faux fall leaves, then glued the leaves on the sweats and a baseball cap. He hated wearing it (he was about 2) but he won a prize!

  4. Sandra says:

    What great ideas, Beth! If I still had little ones at home, one of them would definitely be a pile of leaves this year! (I wonder if I could talk Hubby in trying that costume. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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