Gone Fishin’? Not Me!


Four years ago, Hubby and I were made an offer by a developer for the farmhouse we lived in and the land around it.  So we accepted the offer.

Soon after we had made the decision to move, we were invited to dinner with several other couples at the home of some retired friends.  When we walked out their french doors onto a patio that overlooked a small lake, we were in awe of the view.  And then they told us that even though this was a development, the lakes could actually be used — for swimming, (non-motorized) boating and fishing.  And, by the way, they said, the house second door was going on the market next week!  Long story short, we bought the house second door.

In many ways, the location of our new home on a lake has been a real treat for Hubby and me.  We love the view of the water, there are several sail boats on the lake that are beautiful to watch, and we know more about ducks, geese, loons, etc., than we ever imagined we could.  It’s a wonderful place to live, but fishing just isn’t something that holds alot of interest for us.  In fact, I have NEVER fished.

Well, our retired friend second door is an AVID fisherman, including ICE fishing, which I personally think looks like about as much fun as having all your teeth pulled!  In the winter, it makes me soooo cold when I see him hauling all his “stuff” way out on the ice and setting up his little shelter and then sitting out there for HOURS all bundled up looking down at that hole in the ice!  (Although, I have to admit that, when they invite us down for a fish fry, I’m glad he did it!)

When we moved here and Mr. Avid Fisherman found out I had never fished, it became a game between us to see if he could convince me to fish.  He was SURE that once I tried it, I would love it.  I was just as convinced that I didn’t have to experience it to know that I wouldn’t like it.  But, my lack of enthusiasm was no deterrent for him.

So, soon after our move, he asked me several times WHEN I was going to try fishing.  So, finally, I thought, “Okay I’d play his game”.

I said, “All right, you’ve convinced me.  I’d really LIKE to fish, but I don’t want to touch the slimey worm, so could you please come over and put the worm on the hook for me?”  Ahhh, he saw this as the first step to making me a fisherman, so he said, “Sure, I could do that!”  Rats.

So then I said, “Well, I have never touched a wiggly, scaley fish before, so could you come over and take the fish off the hook for me ?”  He said, a little less enthusiastically this time, “Yes, I would be willing to do that.”  (He was seeing this as a little more work for him than he had anticipated.)  

Well, then, I said, “Since I’ve never fished, of course, I’ve never cleaned one before either, so would you be willing to take it over to your house and clean it for me?”  (I certainly didn’t want that mess at MY house!)  He was starting to smile because he knew what I was doing, and wasn’t going to let me off the hook, so he said, “Yeah, I suppose I could do that.”  And, just to add emphasis, he said. “Anything ELSE?”

I said, “Just one more thing.  I like it lightly breaded!”

The four of us are still good friends, and I still don’t fish. 

3 Responses to Gone Fishin’? Not Me!

  1. jennifer says:

    this is a really cute story…”country come to town” in reverse!!!

  2. Dixiechick says:

    You have such a wonderful way of telling your stories….

  3. Chrissy says:

    I’m with you on the fishing thing!! My family enjoys fishing and I DO NOT!! Because I am the mom of 3 fisherman I now bait and take off fish, still don’t clean’em. Still don’t like fishin’ for’em. Great story!!

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