A “Memorable” First Date For DD (Divine Daughter)!


I just re-read my daughter’s blog from yesterday (about her brother, Gunny).  Between her post and the “rebuttal” he has now posted in her comments section — and the additional memory that Linda threw in in HER comment, it was a great trip down memory lane.  If you’d like to read it, her blog is chasedbychildren.typepad.com. 

This got me to thinking about all the “fun” the four of us had when Hubby and I were raising our son and daughter.  Hubby and I already enjoyed the humor in life before we had children, but I do think that having our children “enhanced” the experience — because kids are just natural comedians (even when they don’t mean to be)!  But, of course, I in no way mean for that to make our children sound like they were just little “punch lines” to us — but, well, the shoe did sometimes fit!

Reading DD (Divine Daughter)’s blog has reminded me of one more memory of the two of them regarding DD’s first date:

DD had gone to summer camp when she was about 13 and met a boy there who was 15.  After she came home, he called the next Saturday morning and asked if they could “go out”  that afternoon.  But there was a problem — he wasn’t old enough to drive, and his parents weren’t available to drive them.  Could one of her parents?  Well, no, we had other plans too.  In steps Gunny and his best friend who happened to hear our discussion.  They volunteered to drive the “kids” on their date.   It shows how excited DD was about getting to go on a DATE that she didn’t see this as probably not a good plan. 

When they got to the theater, Gunny and friend Tom apparently decided that since they also had to take the “date-ees” home, they might as well stay for the movie too.  Had they been mature young men (too much to expect of two 16 year olds?), they would have sat way on the other side of the theater and then just met the couple outside afterwards.  Instead, they apparently sat in the row right behind the couple!  Why does the word “heckling” come to mind?

As I remember, that was the only “date” DD had with that stud-muffin-in-training, and I believe Gunny-to-be locked his bedroom door for a while, until she got over wanting to kill him in his sleep.

Ahh, children.  What would we have done without them?  Probably had a normal, happy life — that’s what!

No, not really.  They did and do now add immeasurably to our lives. 

May God bless each of you with wonderful funny memories of your own childhood and those of your children.

2 Responses to A “Memorable” First Date For DD (Divine Daughter)!

  1. Gunny says:

    Can you imagine what that guy must tell his therapist about his first date?

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