Yes, And I Combed My Hair Too!


When our little boy was in second grade, I visited his class one day.  I think it was one of those plans where they have each parent visit for part of a day so that they can see what the class is like. 

Of course, as someone who isn’t usually in the classroom, you are under close scrutiny by the children – and most of all, apparently, by your own child.   

I remember sitting on the piano bench, watching the children moving around the room preparing for the next activity, when I noticed my little boy casually meandering over toward me with a little bit of a frown on his face.  Even though it wasn’t even lunchtime yet, he already looked a little rough around the edges – shirttail half in/half out and some dust on his knees from the morning recess, one shoe untied (this was the days BEFORE that was done INTENTIONALLY), but, of course, still adorable to his Mom.  But then the little bugger spoke! 

When he got close, he leaned on my knee, put his little concerned face really close to mine, and whispered very quietly, “Did you remember to put your make-up on?”  After a few seconds of shock, I assured him I did.  His face brightened up immediately and he took his little somewhat grubby self back to the group.  If I thought he would have understood the irony of him worrying about how I looked, I would have certainly shared that with him. 

This does make me think that this must be about the age when your child is starting to see you as an extension of themselves to their friends, so they want you to not embarrass them. 

Let me just say here, that my family will tell you that wanting to look your best in ALL circumstances is something I have always felt strongly about for myself – and for them.   As an example, once we were awakened in the early morning hours by smoke from a fire in our fireplace chimney and Hubby turned off the electricity until the fire department could get there, just to be on the safe side.  That was all well and good, except that I didn’t have any make-up on, and I certainly wasn’t going to have a bunch of people see me without it – even if it WAS firemen!  So, I put on my make-up and combed my hair by flash light.  Not real easy – try it sometime.  By the way, the fire resulted in not much damage, but a lot of smoke. 

That is why I am absolutely sure I didn’t just throw on an old sweat suit and go to our son’s class.  So, what happened was very surprising to me and realllly funny — after I got over the shock. I know, I know, it was only a second grader questioning how I looked, but it definitely made me a little paranoid until I could take a bathroom break and see myself in a mirror, to make sure I DID look all right! 

Our son probably forgot about this incident as soon as he had my assurance that I wasn’t going to embarrass him, but I have always remembered it because it was such a surprise that a little second grade boy, who didn’t seem to care much at all about his OWN neatness and appearance, would care enough to ask if Mommy had her make-up on! 

I do believe that God DOES give us children to keep us humble!

4 Responses to Yes, And I Combed My Hair Too!

  1. Shocking. I know your son. Shocking. I think it’s incredibly telling that he didn’t know by looking at you whether you’d put on the face paint. However, he thought other people would notice….Shocking

  2. Lady by the Creek says:

    Great story! As a mother of 2 boys, it doesn’t surprise me and brought a great big smile to my face. Children are wonderful with their honesty. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very humble indeed!

    All boys look like that at almost all times, I am totally convinced of this. My son is usually dirty within 30 seconds of getting dressed.

  4. Gunny says:

    I would like to be able to deny this incident, but my memories of 2nd grade are sketchy. I guess this is one of the few cases (very few) where I must defer to my mother’s memory. And since I still have trouble keeping my shoes tied and my shirt tail tucked in (by the way, the Marine Corps also frowned on this); I suppose I would also have to concede that the story is entirely credible. Thanks for sharing Mom!

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