Let Them Eat Potatoes!




I am by nature a sharer (cookies, quotes, recipes, inspirations, advice, etc.).  (So, maybe that’s the reason I like the idea of writing a blog.  I can share with you too!)  But, sometimes that sharing can make for some unexpected complications.


Last year a friend gave me a bag of something called potato pearls.  When my husband and I tried them we were immediately “in love.”  They taste very close to real mashed potatoes, can be quickly made (just add boiling water) and can be made in as small a portion as you want.  When my oldest sister was here visiting, she expressed doubt that they could possibly be as good as REAL potatoes.  So, I made a tablespoon serving so that she could taste them, and she became an instant convert.  Anyway, they are great, so naturally I wanted to share my great find. 


My siblings and I exchange small gifts at Christmas, so last year I sent them each a little gadget that makes boiling water fast and a bag of these potato pearls.  My oldest sister was especially pleased to receive them since she had already done the “taste test” and my other sister really liked them too.  I also sent them to several other relatives.  Long story short – they aren’t available in ANY of their cities (belatedly I found that that they aren’t even widely available here – only in a restaurant supply store), so I have become the “supplier” for their “potato addiction.”  I regularly go to the post office and just tell the postal worker “potato pearls” before they can even start into their required question — “Is their anything liquid, aerosol . . . in the box.”  I believe I may be known at my local post office as the “potato lady.”


I tell you this story as an example of, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, not as an advertisement for this product.  Because, frankly, I don’t want to have to support your potato addiction too!

3 Responses to Let Them Eat Potatoes!

  1. Susie in Georgia says:

    Now, you KNOW that you aren’t the ONLY supplier now. Since I work at a food distributor, I can get you as many as you like…at a price. You won’t have to spend your time at the post office on our account. But since nobody bothered to ask before, I didn’t know anyone was interested. I can get lots of things that aren’t available just everywhere. I laughed when you told that story in person. Then I thought, “WOW! Potato Pearls…I SELL those!” If any of my customers ask about potatoes (which they are wont to do every now and then)I tell them which ones to try. My customers love me. -smile- Who would’ve thunk that “potatoes” would be a neat topic of conversation at a family reunion?

    I love your blog. It could get to be habit-forming.

    Love ya!

  2. I think Susie in Georgia needs to leave her name and address on your blog so that all of us can contact her about potatoe pearls.

  3. ontoniSap says:

    Hi! Are you tuned in to my ordinary rhythm A JOKE! ) Why did the pig cross the road? Because he was a road hog.

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